I'm Immortal!*

(*so far)

Mike Birch

Photographer, Adventurer, Software Engineer

    I was born in the UK but now spend most of my time on the Island of Maui when I'm not kayaking, climbing or general adventuring in Europe or the Pacific Northwest. After living this life for nearly 40 years, I have reached the conclusion that dying is not as easy as some people would have you believe.

    I do portrait, landscape, product, underwater and aerial photography either using a digital SLR or professional E6 film which I develop myself.

    Having worked on the cutting edge of computer software and hardware for more than 20 years, I decided that I could not contribute to the technological erosion of freedom in this post-911 society and so I left the advanced prototyping team I was working on and decided to work on my own, more suitable, projects.

    I also design and implement high-tech web projects. After writing a SQL engine and Javascript/VBScript/ASP parsers, actually using them turned out to be immensely satisfying, particularly when replacing clunky systems that wouldn't have looked out of place on the old mainframes.

    Graphical design and layout are handled by graphic artist, designer and web-wench (her words) - the Sarmonster. She designs, I engineer, she incorprates and I expand in a constant cross-polination of ideas.

    If it can be done we'll do it and if it can't be done...just watch us!

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Well, not quite the t-shirt of the site. Back in the '80s, Andy Sparrow came up with this design that gave me the inspiration when it came to naming the site. It's still a really cool shirt, though, so give his store a visit.
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